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Immortal Romance Slots

Entering Immortal Romance Online Slots  you will get this wonderful, romantic, calming music, but don't be misled by it, because this is Immortal Romance Online Slots and that means an online casino win for you!

So how to win online slots games? The oldest type of online slots were mechanic, in which the player was rolling the slots by using a lever. They had between 3 to 5 slots, and were won by getting the same symbols at straight line or diagonal. Online slots games have improved dramatically.  Now they include beautiful art, graphics, and music, and with much more exciting features and special BONUS spins.

So how to win on mobile slots? Unlike at the old ones, the modern online slots have way more than 5 ways to win. The number is increased by more pay lines patterns. For example, at Immortal Romance Online Slots there are 247 pay lines.

Modern online slots have three major advantages:

  1. Special symbols combinations that give you Free BONUS spins with multiplied winnings.
  2. The new games have "Jokers", or "Scatter" symbols, that can be counted as one of the other symbols, in order to complete a series and increase your winnings. Usefully winning with scatters also grant you with multiplied winnings.
  3. The last major advantage (though there are more that we didn't mentioned here) is that at modern online slots games you can know the EXACT percentages of the online casino win, So the days in which the odds was at the casino favor are long gone!

Now that it's clear how to win online slots games, it's time to play at Immortal Romance Online Slots, and start winning!

The WINNING Symbols

At Immortal Romance Online Slots the game's main characters are four handsome young people, or… are they? Ones you'll start playing, you'll start finding out each of their special forces. If you want (though it's not necessary for winning) you can read each of the characters story… so that you can get to know them better. But in order to win on mobile slots you should also know each symbol value in the Immortal Romance Online Slots game:

Card Symbols

  • The 9 Card: Getting 3, 4 or 5 of it will win you 10, 30 and 200 coins for you.
  • The 10 Card: Just like the 9'th card, finding 3, 4 and 5 of the 10'th card will win you 10, 30 and 200 coins as well.
  • The Jack Card: The Jack will win you for 3, 4 and 5 14, 40 and 250 coins accordingly.
  • The Queen Card: As the Jack, the Queen will grant you with 14, 40 and 250 coins for finding 3, 4 and 5 of it.
  • The King Card: The king will grant for 3, 4 and 5 symbols - 20, 50 and 300 coins.
  • The Ace: Getting 3, 4 and 5 of the Ace will grant you as the king, with 20, 50 and 300 coins.

Characters Symbols And Special Symbols

  • The Book Of Secrets: Finding 3, 4 or 5 of this book will win you 30, 120 or 500 coins.
  • The Mansion: Getting 3, 4 of 5 Mansion house symbols will win you 30, 120 and 600 coins.
  • Amber: Getting 3, 4 or 5 of Amber symbols will win you with 40, 160 and 700 coins accordingly.
  • Troy: Getting 3, 4 and 5 symbols of troy will grant you with 40, 160 and 800 coins.
  • Michael: Finding 3, 4 and 5 of Michael's symbols will win you 60, 200 and 900 coins.
  • Sarah: Finding 3, 4 and 5 of Sarah's symbols will grant you with 60, 200 and 1000 coins!
  • The Immortal Romance: Finding 3, 4 and 5 of the immortal romance will grant you with: 200, 500 and 3000 coins, at one spin!
  • The Royal Lion Scatter: The Scatter of Immortal Romance Online Slots is The Royal Lion. Rolling 2, 3 4 and 5 of it will win you 60, 120, 1200 and 12000 coins! So hope to get as many of them as possible!

The Chamber Of Spins

The chamber of spins is a special feature of Immortal Romance Online Slots game, granting you FREE Spins! You'll win access to the chamber by rolling The Royal Lion symbol. Once you're there, you can choose YOUR bonus - each one of the characters have its own special features, but they're all worth having!

  • Amber's 10 FREE SPINS: Choosing Amber will grant you with 10 FREE SPINS, during which your winnings will be multiplied by 5! Also, FREE spins can be retriggered during.
  • Troy's 15 FREE SPINS: Choosing Troy will activate VAMPIRE BATS feature, in which vampire bats will turn symbols into 2x or 3x multipliers! (up to 6x)
  • Michael's 20 FREE SPINS: Michael activates ROOLING REELS feature, with multipliers of 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x! It can award multiple consecutive WINS!
  • Sarah's 25 FREE SPINS: Choosing Sarah will activate WILD VINE feature, during which the wild vine symbol will appear on reel 3 and turn symbols to be added to a series . 2, 3 4 of 5 Scatters will RETRIGGER 1, 2 3 or 4 FREE SPINS!

The Immortal Romance Online Slots game was rated as highly paying off online slots game, so jump into its mysterious world, and start to win on mobile slots !