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Your Guide to Progressive Slots Online

The first reel-based games on the World Wide Web were launched more than 20 years ago. However, there still are players in Canada who are surprised to discover that online progressive slots offer jackpots that can rival the magnificent payouts Sin City has to offer – and you can find out all about those games with us. From their history, to how their jackpot amounts get bigger with every spin, the information you want is right here.

The Progressive Slots Story

The top-quality progressive online casino slots in Canada take their inspiration from one of the youngest slot genres. Even though reel-based games made their first appearance with the launch of Charles Fey’s Liberty Bell machine in the early 1900s, it was not until almost 80 years later that players could play for chances to win a jackpot that was not a fixed amount of money.

Progressive slots owe their existence to International Game Technology, the company that developed the MegaBucks machine. It was unveiled in Vegas in 1986, and offered a guaranteed top prize of US$1 million. More than that, however, was the mechanism that fed a portion of every bet into the prize money. By the time the jackpot was won – and paid out – in February 1987, that $1 million had grown into a whopping $4.9 million! By the late 90s, online casino progressive slots were available, which put incredible wining power at players’ fingertips.

How They Work

There are 2 main types of progressive online casino slots in Canada. The first type sees the jackpot linked to a specific title, regardless of the sites at which you can play it. In fact, you could be playing the same title as a player on the other side of the world, and both of you will see the jackpot increase with every spin.

The other type is a network to which several different titles are connected. This means 4 different progressive slots on the same network offer the same jackpot, which is fed by bets placed on all of those games.

How to Play

There are no special tricks to playing online casino slots in Canada that offer these spectacular winning chances. Just like classic and video slots, they require you to select bet settings and spin reels.

Some titles let you decide how much your coins are worth only, while others also let you decide how many coins to bet per payline. You can make those adjustments by using the relevant controls on the interface. When it comes to actually placing bets and spinning the reels, however, clicking the play or spin button is all you need to do.

Playing Tips to Remember

There is something very important you need to keep in mind when playing progressive slots online. In most cases, you will be eligible to win the top prize only if you place the maximum bet when playing the game.

If you place smaller bets, you still stand chances to win other, smaller, fixed payouts. It also can be helpful to remember that some titles offer progressive jackpots as well as fixed, smaller jackpots. How they are won depends on the game. Some online casino progressive slots pay out their coveted prizes when the correct symbol combination lands on a payline. Others, however, can pay theirs out randomly, which can happen at any moment during play.

Either way, the genre is one of the most exciting of all. The best titles available in Canada are visually engaging, include a range of special features such as Wilds, Scatters, and bonus games, and boast themes that are sure to put a smile on your face.