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Apple Fails To Police Gambling Enterprise Apps

Apple Fails to police gambling appsApple’s beleaguered Enterprise Certificate programme has come under the spotlight once again, hot on the heels of last week’s scandal after news broke that Facebook and Google had misused the programme in an effort to avoid App Store rules and collect user information. This time however, it’s gambling and adult content that’s causing a ruckus.

The latest fire that Apple executives have had to put out comes as the result of shocking information relating to loopholes in the tech giant’s Enterprise Certificate program, as revealed by TechCrunch. The extensive exposé released three days ago by TechCrunch uncovered that dozens of gambling and adult content apps have used the certificate program to avoid Apple’s oversight and safeguards on the traditional App Store, as well as Cupertino’s restrictions which are designed to block inappropriate content on iOS.

Serious Weaknesses in Safeguards

Apple strictly prohibits the distribution of pornographic content on its app platform. Gambling apps on the other hand are allowed, but are thoroughly monitored due to the nature of the services they provide.

The report exposed serious weaknesses in the Enterprise Certificate program. The Enterprise Certificate program makes provision for companies to release internal user apps intended for their employees only. Due to the fact that these are for internal use only, certification is typically faster and sidesteps the more complex process of releasing content on the App Store.

A number of developers have been successful in uploading numerous real-money gambling apps by using Apple’s Enterprise Certificate program. The fact that these developers have managed to release their content with the aid of the tech giant’s very own tools brings to light the serious weaknesses in safeguards, as well as a significant lapse in oversight relating to the type of content featured on tits platforms.

Immediate Action Implemented

In the wake of the TechCrunch article, Apple has removed some of the gambling and pornographic apps, however many are still operational. Subsequently, a spokesperson made a statement that said that developers that abuse enterprise certificates are in direct violation of the program agreement, and will have their certificates terminated with immediate effect. They added that if the brand saw it appropriate, they would also remove the developer from their program completely, and they are continuously evaluating all misuse cases and are prepared to act swiftly and clamp down wherever necessary.

In spite of the recent statement of the matter, Apple has refused to provide an explanation on how these apps slipped into their Enterprise Certificate program in the first place. They declined to comment on whether any follow-up compliance audits on developers will take place or if it has plans to re-evaluate and change the admission process.