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Elon Musk Focuses On New Vegas Project

Elon Musk Focuses On New Vegas ProjectNews recently emerged that the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has suggested that an enterprise backed by Elon Musk be given a contract to start developing and then operating an express tunnel transit system by which visitors to the Center could be transported.

The Boring Company, Musk’s tunnelling venture was born in 2016. As per usual, he made his plans to establish the tunnel construction company public in a tweet that said that traffic was driving him crazy and he intended to build a boring machine to dig an alternative means of getting to where he needed to be.

And he did! He started a tunnel underneath Hawthorne in California to test the idea of his underground transit system. He revealed the finished product to journalists in December 2018, exactly two years after he announced he would be ending traffic jams forever.

While the unconventional businessman’s scheme has been met with a certain amount of scepticism, as has been the case with a number of his other projects, but it seems Las Vegas is taking it quite seriously.

What is the Boring Company’s Plan?

Musk’s system of tunnels is set to launch by the first month of 2021, just ahead of that year’s Consumer Electronic’s Show. This transportation’s initial projection is between US$35 million and US$55 million. A company of driverless, electric, vehicles will be able to convey visitors around the Convention Center thanks to the underground system of tunnels.

Future plans involve tunnels being built that would ferry interested visitors to the Strip, too. Perhaps Tesla Model X and 3 will do the job, alongside bigger vehicles, able to transport as many as 16 people? They’re set to be a free service for those attending conferences and exhibitions inside the Center.

Waiting on Approval

The plan can’t go ahead without the authorisation of the Board of Directors, however, but it is expected that this will be a matter of fact before the end of March. Steve Hill, CEO of the Las Vegas and Visitors Authority Board of Directors has been quoted as describing this project as innovative and an attraction in itself.

He has also acknowledged that the technology would be able to support means of support that have not yet been put to commercial use. He didn’t fail, however, to make clear that The Boring Company was to be held responsible for seeing the project materialised.