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How to Win Online Slots Games & Play for Free

As the online slots games gradually become more popular all over the world, multiple casino gamblers are looking for ways and methods to increase their chances to win. Although multiple types of slots games are already available, with many different bonuses and prizes, in many of these games there are some basic rules and tactics which one can use in order to win faster than ever.

Additionally, even when playing games that are very unique in their features and range of bonuses they offer, there are still some thumb rules one can apply in order to make the most out of each such opportunity.

Want to know how to win online slots games easily and enjoy the process? Want to start winning today? Read through and have fun!

How to Win Online Slots

The online casino win slots games are, probably, the easiest to play and win. No matter whether you have previous experience or not, once you start playing the real money slots games, you can win just like any other talented and experienced gambler.

The slots games are mostly based upon luck, so the main thing you will be required to do is spin the reels. Once you do, you should wait for them to stop, and see which symbols landed on the reels. If three, four, or five symbols of the same kind landed on adjacent reels, you will win real money slots credits right away.

The more credits you win, the more “coins” you have for the next spins, which you will be able to use in order to spin the reels again, and win again. Most slots games also include multiple real money slots bonuses which you will be able to win as you keep on playing. Read through to learn which of them will be offered to you in most games, and how you can make the most out of each such bonus.

How to Win Online Slots Free Spins

So, what are the free spins? Once you win the free spins, you can start playing your real money game without depositing any credits at all, for a specific number of spins. During these spins, all the credits you win, will be real money ones, so you will be able to use them while playing the next spins.

Winning the free spins is pretty easy. All you need is three, four or five Scatter symbols on adjacent reels, and the prize will already be yours. Winning these symbols does not require a lot of work, since these symbols land, randomly, on the reels.

Moreover, if three, or more, Scatter symbols land on your reels, you will also be granted with a specific number of credits, either way, before the free spins begin. This is so since the Scatter symbols create winning combinations just like any other symbol.

How to Additional Winning Combinations Easily

What do you know about the Wild symbols? The Wild is one of the most favoured types of bonuses among online slots Canada gamblers, and if you are familiar with it, you can use it to your benefit.

Wild can replace almost all other symbols on the reels, a feature which enables it to create multiple winning combinations when not all the symbols you need landed on the required spots. The only symbols which will not be replaced by the Wild are the bonus symbols, which are too special to be replaced.

Once more, the Wild symbol will randomly land on your reels, so you won’t need to work that much in order to enjoy its benefits. And yes, once again, three, four, or five of its kind will make the difference when it comes to the credits you receive.

How to Win While Using the Bet Feature

The Bet feature is the one that enables you to mark specific lines as you play. The more lines you mark, the higher your wager gets. On the other hand, very few things are as exciting as seeing the symbols land on the lines you previously chose.

How to Win the Gamble Feature

Not all slots games include the gamble feature, but if you play a game with such a symbol, you probably want to know how to use it. Usually, in order to play the “Gamble” mode, you will be required to click the Gamble button. Once you do, a new window will be opened, and you will be required to pick a card, either according to its colour, or its suit.

In case the colour/suit you chose matched the colour/suit chosen by the program, you will win a higher grant than the regular one you win during most of the regular gaming mode. In most games, the grant is 2X multiplier per colour, and 4X multiplier per suit.

How to Practice the Online Slots & Win for Real

One could find, or simply come up with multiple, and creative, win online slots tips. However, for most people, hearing, reading, or thinking of these tips is simply not enough, if they want to feel confident and know they can implement all these great ideas.

For such people, who need to feel these ideas are worth trying in the “real world”, a pretty useful advice would be to try and practice these methods while playing the practice mode. Although during the practice mode, the gamblers will receive no real money credits if they win, they will also not be required to deposit any credits at all. The meaning is no risk for their coins.

Therefore, the players will be able to try out any tip, idea, and method they found out about, and see how well it works. Once a gambler is comfortable with the technique, it is a good idea to use it while playing the real money mode. Most chances are the winning potential will be higher than before.

How to Win Additional Slots Bonuses

There are many additional bonuses that have not been mentioned here, but you will find them once you start playing the games themselves. Each online slots game includes a few special bonuses of its own, which you will scarcely find elsewhere.

Some bonuses will be randomly triggered, such as increasing multipliers which you will enjoy every time winning combinations are created in subsequent spins. Other bonuses will require your action, such as choosing a picture among those presented in order to reveal your prize.

If the bonuses are randomly triggered, you won't need to practice much in order to make the most out of them. On the other hand, if there's a new bonus, which you are not familiar with, and you need to know how to act – you are encouraged to check out the Pays or Payouts pages (usually there is a button on the side of the screen).

This way, you can read the instructions and know everything about this unique bonus. If you're looking for how to win online slots, the instructions are the best tips to win online slots.

Good luck!